Shop remodeling and furniture design I 115 m2 I Madrid 2022
In collaboration with  Ana Petra Moriyón

production: Fast Furious Office
photo: Amores PicturesManuel Ocaña 
PAIA is a company focused on CBD by-products with health, cosmetics and general well-being in mind. Its main business runs online, therefore, its physical shop is driven towards promoting values and culture regarding wellness through meetings and self-care sessions. Hence the importance of a diaphanous central space.

It was mandatory to connect the exterior and the street from the inside of the shop in order to involve and relate both with the identity and the existing dynamics of the public space.

The space is a rectangular volume between walls with its wide front facade facing the street. The welcoming foyer hosts three buried potted plants and a diagonal set of metallic doors. The opening was built as spacious as possible to allow the maximum amount of light in, and the actual facade was set back by 4 meters, to create a hall halfway between the street and the shop; interior urbanism.

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