House remodeling and furniture design I 230 m2 I Madrid 2020

production: Creatio Obras y Rehabilitaciones S.L.
photo: Amores Pictures
photo: Jorge Borondo
The existing house was a 1960s construction with an interesting architecural identity; halfway between an organic rationalism and a classic countryhouse style. The project was inspired by the predominant aesthetics regarding diagonal and fluid views and natural materials.

The materials used, amongst others, were local granite and certified wood from sustainable managed local forests, clay pieces from past demolitions and recycled brass strips from local warehouses. Several cement plant pots were made with the sacs left on site using a plastic blanket as the inner layer of the formwork to achieve an elephant-like appearance.

The coordination between spaces was mainly accomplished through the relation in scale between volumes, the diagonal views and the all aorund reflections of the garden on glass and mirrrored surfaces.

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