House remodeling and furniture design I 102 m2 I Madrid 2023

production: Fast & Furious Office
photo: Knu Kim
Tetuan's neighbourhood involves a social and architectural heterogeneity typical of a district dealing with a transformation due to its condition of 'downtown suburb'.

It's urban tissue is packed with unused first floor spaces, some of them involved in a transformation of their own. Usually the main characteristic of these architectures is their impressive pillars-and-beams concrete structure, as in the case of 'casa escenario', previously used as an architecture studio.

The process of transformation into a home aims to strip the structure naked and to connect the light of both facades in order to link the street, on one side, with the patio on the other. The soft and material nature achieved, along with the mirrors placed on the inner sides of the windows, multiply the brightness inside.

The strategy of an open and clear space allow for the house to be a scenario where to combine, in a versatile manner, work, leisure, the personal and the potential. Tha bathroom, for instance, opens both to the bedroom and to a mutant space that can do the job for remote working, work as a second bedroom or even as an appendix of the dance or meeting floor.

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